PRESS WEEK: 4th A students from Collège Descartes take part in the question and answer game


As part of the press week, whose theme this year was "getting informed to understand the world", middle school students from 4rd A at Hope Estate invited a journalist to discover her job and conduct an interview. Here is their article where the students mix direct and indirect speech:

• Where does your passion for journalism come from?

“Initially, it was a passion for reading and writing. What I like most about this job is writing the article. For me, writing represents a form of power. »

• Where and how did your career start? 

His career began with writing reviews of music, concerts and festivals, but more broadly with culture and art.

• Where do you find your information and do you have difficulty finding it?

Vx finds its information at the source, by interviewing people. Overall, the difficulties in finding them are low. Checking the information yourself is quite a long task but it is essential for writing an article.

• What are the advantages of the job?

" Meet people. Since I became a journalist, I have had many wonderful encounters. The other advantage is the lack of monotony. »

• What has been the most difficult obstacle in your career? 

The most penalizing obstacle of her career was having the tendon of a finger severed, which prevented her from writing for a month!

How long does it take to create an article? 

The duration depends on the subject and the structure that the article will have. Example: recording a 3-hour debate, transcribing it to stay true to the words and manage to synthesize everything to respect the format of Faxinfo, it's a hell of a challenge!

• Would the return of compulsory military service be a good thing or not?

“I'm going to answer a little beside your question, I would be for male-female military service but against the obligation. »

• Do you think that the legalization of cannabis in France is possible or not?

Vx has let us know that she is for legalization but “that doesn't mean I use it”.

• What is your opinion on the LGBTQIA+ movement?

" Only good ! ". If she has to cover an event related to the LGBTQIA+ movement, Vx will ensure that it has the visibility that minorities need.

• Have you ever wanted to quit the job? 

“Perhaps when fatigue and stress are very present, but no, because my goal in life has always been to do what I love the most, namely this job. And I am very happy to exercise it at Faxinfo. »

• What do you like about SXM? 

Vx likes Saint Martin for the climate, the meetings and the confrontation of the two parts of the island which make it a special territory. From a social point of view, she considers that we are beyond diversity.

NB: all the questions were thought out, written and asked by the students, with the help of their French teacher, Laurence Picot.

The article produced by the 4rd B in the same context of interviewer being interviewed will be published in our Thursday edition…

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