Semaine du Goût: A vitamin-packed breakfast for 6th year students from Mont des Accords college and CM2 from Hervé Williams school!


As part of the "Semaine du Goût" (it will last exceptionally two weeks at the Mont des Accords college), CM2 students from Hervé Williams elementary school were invited to share a balanced breakfast with a class. of 6rd of the Mont des Accords college.

In the presence of Suzanne Karam, principal of the Mont des Accords college, Ange Marie Venthou-Dumaine, head of the CDI, Chrystelle Brule, Marine Grellet, nurses, Céleste Brooks, education assistant, students of 3rd SEGPA (Section of General Professional Education Adapted ), training in hygiene and food service which participate in the project and a nod to Rodriana Lake, 5th class pupil Maupassant was launched the “Semaine du Goût” which will last not one but two weeks at the Documentation and Information (CDI) from the Mont des Accords college due to health measures related to Covid-19.

The 6th year classes, totaling 227 students, will follow one another every morning to discover the benefits of a full breakfast (bread, egg, cheese, local and exotic fruits, milk chocolate) and to make them aware of the importance of this first meal of the day.

Encourage students to eat better, educate them about diversity and the pleasure of tastes and flavors, and also inform them in an educational way  on the products, their origin, their production method and their specificities:

the main objective of this type of event is to encourage the behavior and food consumption of children as part of a balanced and sustainable lifestyle.

By meeting the nutritional needs of the student, eating breakfast promotes concentration, attention and good humor, which are factors of academic success.

It is also a privileged time for sharing and conviviality. Isn't it the students?

Also within the framework of the Semaine du Goût, workshops and debates will be organized at the CDI in the presence of the 6th grade classes but also with the 2th grade students of Emile Choisy, Amélye Ledet and Hervé Williams. _AF

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