HALF-MARATHON/TRAIL / Phénix Association: challenge met for gendarmes Mickaël Lecointre and Raphaël Coquery!


Two gendarmes from Saint-Martin, Captain Mickaël Lecointre and Chief Warrant Officer Raphaël Coquery, took up the challenge launched by the Gendarmerie Phénix Association, one covering 33 km of trail and the other 21,1 km of a half marathon.

These great sporting performances have a very special meaning for this challenge dedicated to paying tribute to gendarmes injured on mission. In particular for Captain Lecointre who participated in this challenge in memory of his comrade, Major Jean-Christophe Bolloch, who died in service in October 2022.

The Phoenix Association of the Gendarmerie was founded by the injured to support injured people and their families, thus representing the spirit of camaraderie.

The two challenges brilliantly taken up by Captain Mickaël Lecointre and Chief Warrant Officer Raphaël Coquery bear witness to the personal and collective investment of the gendarmes for the Phénix association where there reigns a very good group cohesion, solidarity and brotherhood of armed. _AF

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