Seven work plans to reduce the success gap with Guadeloupe


The Academy of Guadeloupe must decline the national policy in a so-called academic project according to its specificities. This project is valid for three years and must define the education priorities. For the preparation of this 2020-2023 document, the rectorate has chosen to innovate by creating a sub-project intended for the northern islands. This is how the D'Pass was born, the variation of the academic project in Saint-Barthélemy and Saint-Martin.

For the first time, the D'Pass was designed by staff from Saint-Martin and Saint-Barth. Several meetings took place in 2019 and initially enabled all requests to be raised. A draft project was presented on these needs in early 2020 on which staff were invited to work.

"A steering committee has been created inter-degree and inter-category (different statutes)", explains Michel Sanz, the vice-rector. "The members of the committee created working groups and began to define seven action plans around the strengthening of mastery of the fundamentals, the consideration of multilingualism, the development of digital uses, the development of education artistic and cultural, the fight against absenteeism, access to continuing education and strengthening of the school / family bond, ”continues the vice-rector.

The working groups met in February 2020 but were unable to continue their reflection due to the health crisis to be managed. “Work resumed in September and continued through the first term of the 2020-2021 school year. Each group was autonomous and independent. In total, around forty people took part, ”specifies Michel Sanz.

The D'Pass was presented to all education staff a few days ago. The seven priorities set and the actions listed aim to reduce the gap in success between Saint-Martin and the academic average. “Our goal is to reduce them by 50%,” says the vice-rector. To date, the gap is around 20 points. (


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