Shidokan: Homogenize the technique


The shidokan is this sports discipline that combines martial art and philosophy of life. This sport requires working on the physical and intellectual aspect, through perseverance of effort, and meticulous technique on the tatami. Combining karate, Thai boxing and free fight, the shidokan brings the richness of fighting in any fighting style.

At the beginning of July, several apprentices of the shidokan had experienced it around a training course of improvement and discovery of the discipline. It is also an opportunity to train voluntary black belts in the refereeing of this sport. For this course several big names in the discipline had made the trip to the Friendly Island, and more precisely to the Dojo of the Caribbean Shidokan club:  José Galluccio, France and Europe manager for shidokan karate and 9th dan Japon WKA, accompanied by his team, but also, Christian Loco, technical director of the Guadeloupe Karate League 6th dan shotokan karate. 

The displacement of tenors of the discipline had not only been a recognition to the Saint-Martin practice but also the opportunity for all the speakers to homogenize the practice of the shidokan at the local, regional, and national level. "When you teach this martial art you can get into bad habits with the apprentices and lose your level," explained Rodolphe Arnal, president of the Caribbean Shidokan club. So when the great masters move, even the black belts become “students, and are in perpetual upgrading”. And this upgrading did not stop at Saint-Martin. On another continent, Rodolphe Arnal, joined a few black belts recently, in order to better return to transmit the discipline to Saint-Martin. The Shidokan tenors who had made the trip to the island met in Nice, before the resumption in September. _pc

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