"Showman": Anthony Kavanagh's new show


After Guadeloupe and Martinique, Anthony Kavanagh will present his new show “Showman” at 21pm on Thursday at the Princess Casino.
“I haven't played here for 14 years. I'm glad to be here, ”he said at a press conference on Tuesday at La Samanna. According to the Quebec comedian of Haitian origin, our island should be “an example for the rest of the planet” because of the large number of nationalities. On stage, he will mix humor and emotion: “This time, I wanted to make a big difference: make people laugh and move at the same time.” His show, full of personal anecdotes, begins after his death. “I give advice to souls who will live on Earth. I approach all the stages of the life of a human being (…) it is quite trying when I speak of the death of my parents, I have to relive the event ”, he specified. His Caribbean tour will end in Haiti on Saturday.

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