SINT MAARTEN / Juliana Airport: opening of the new departure hall on November 15!


The announcement comes after the airport faced delays due to logistical challenges stemming from recent storms and hurricane watches, as well as the additional workload generated by these events.

“The opening of the departure hall marks an important milestone in PJIAE's ongoing commitment to providing the best possible services and amenities to its passengers,” said Brian Mingo, general manager of the company. “This is the first phase of an extensive renovation project which will introduce a fresh and vibrant atmosphere, improving the overall passenger experience.”

During this first phase, travelers will have access to certain shops and restaurants, with several other store openings planned for the end of November and the month of December. “All options have been carefully selected to enrich travelers’ airport experience. The new departure hall, which covers more than 10 square meters, is equipped with cutting-edge technology and is designed to accommodate 000 million passengers. “This is a state-of-the-art terminal where the passenger screening and emigration process alone demonstrates the latest technological advances in use,” Mr Mingo said.

The opening of the departure hall on November 15 marks the start of a new era for Princess Juliana International Airport. Passengers aged 14+ in possession of an electronic passport will be able to use eGates to travel. New cutting-edge biometric technology that will provide greater flexibility, increased security and faster processing of travelers as they pass through border control. Automated boarding pass readers will also be installed in the brand new departure hall. _AF

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