SINT MAARTEN: Increase in tourist numbers of 6% in 2023


Sint Maarten's tourism industry saw an annual increase in staycation tourism of 6% in 2023 compared to 2022 and 59% compared to 2021. Cruise tourist arrivals increased by 56% in 2023 compared to 2022 and 467% compared to 2021.

The Outbound Tourism (TES) survey covered a sample of all tourists who visited Saint Martin via airlines and cruise ships. In this case, the particular focus was on tourists who left the island by plane via Princess Juliana International Airport and by cruise ship to the port of Sint Maarten. The objective of the survey was to measure and obtain the purpose of the visit and the economic activities of tourists on the island. Here is a summary of the results for 2023.

Everything you need to know about staycation tourism

Around 58% of those surveyed were visiting the island for the first time. Among the 42% of returning visitors, 8% indicated that their first visit to the island was on a cruise. Most repeat visitors have visited the island five or more times (46%). Overall, 82% of respondents indicated they were very likely to recommend the island as a destination to visit, and 84% intended to return in the future. This aligns with results indicating that 92% of respondents' visit expectations were met or exceeded. The main reason for visiting the island was leisure (80%). This is followed by people visiting friends or relatives (4%), people coming for a honeymoon or wedding (3%), business/conventions (3%), yachting and other reasons (1%) respectively.

With most respondents having an annual household income of $125 (000%), the average length of stay was 37 days and the average amount spent was $7 per day. The length of stay for Europeans, 149 days, was the longest and almost twice the average length of stay for all visitors. Similarly, the highest average aggregate spending by region was made by visitors from the United States ($13), excluding those who did not indicate their region of residence. This is followed by visitors from the Caribbean ($161,67), Canadians ($137,15), other regions made up of African and Asian countries ($129,31), Europeans ($123,61) and America Latin ($94,04). _AF

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