SINT MAARTEN: Serial robberies in supermarkets in Cole Bay


The Sint Maarten police force is currently investigating four armed robberies which took place on the evening of November 16 in the Cole Bay area.

The events took place within a few minutes of each other on Well Road. Four armed criminals, dressed in dark clothes and wearing masks, robbed a supermarket around 19:30 p.m. before fleeing on two scooters. Shortly after committing their misdeed, these same individuals did it again by attacking three new businesses.

Responding quickly to these serious and worrying incidents, several police patrols were deployed to the scene in Cole Bay. Based on a crucial tip, agents went to the Bellevue border where the suspects were believed to be headed.


A suspect arrested

Arriving in the Union Road area, law enforcement spotted one of the scooters heading towards the French side. A chase then began, one of the suspects fell from the scooter a few meters after crossing the border. Officers immediately apprehended the suspect and seized several items during his arrest.

The gendarmerie, quickly informed by radio, collaborated with their Dutch counterparts on the scene, providing assistance to the ongoing investigation.

After consultation with the competent authorities, it was decided that the arrested suspect would be placed in police custody under the jurisdiction of the French authorities. The investigation into these robberies continues actively, under the direction of the special theft unit of the Sint Maarten police. _AF

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