Sint Maarten Carnival: Thousands of revelers on the streets of Philipsburg!


April 27, 2016 is now a milestone in the annals of the Sint-Maarten Carnival! 

In an indescribable atmosphere, thousands of revelers went down, last Wednesday, in the main streets of Philipsburg, forbidden to any traffic but not to the huge trucks bristling with loudspeakers who spit "Zik" at full volume!

From 4 a.m. to 11:30 a.m., the colorful crowd did not hesitate to dance and sing loudly. During the morning, it was simply impossible to cross this compact parade.

Note that no major incident was reported during this great popular festival.

The Sint-Maarten Carnival festivities continue this weekend with a big Latino evening this evening, then the “Juniors” Parade on Saturday, before the big Parade scheduled for Sunday.

A show rich in color that is well worth the trip!_AF

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