Sint Maarten (Coronavirus): Residents returning since March 13 must report


Passengers and their families must commit to staying at home for 14 days.

People who have traveled to countries heavily affected by the coronavirus should complete a form provided to them by the immigration officer or health authorities currently stationed at Juliana Airport to inform them of what to do during the 14 days following their return. "They will receive a letter that I signed and will also sign a document proving that they agree to carry out the necessary protocol at home," the Prime Minister said on Friday. These documents are available on government website.

Residents who have already returned - precisely since March 13 - and who have not received these documents must notify the Collective Preventive Services (CPS) at 914 or their family doctor.

Passengers who have yet to arrive these days must complete the forms given to them by immigration officials, stating that they must remain in confinement for 14 days.

Passengers suspected of carrying the virus and their families must also sign a mandatory isolation document in which isolation rules and obligations are stipulated. Passengers who have traveled to St Maarten on or after Friday 13 March should download this document and make themselves known to the CPS.

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