SINT MAARTEN: Discovery of a lifeless body on a hiking trail near Belair beach


On Thursday, May 23, around 16 p.m., the police  received a call from a hiker regarding the discovery of a body on the hiking trail between Belair Beach and Indigo Bay.

Several police officers, detectives and forensic personnel were dispatched to the scene and traveled down the trail to where the body was located.

When rescue teams arrived, they found a man  aged 30 to 40 years old, lying on the rocks and showing no signs of life. The difficult terrain required careful planning and coordination to recover the body. Subsequently, the police requested assistance from the coastguard and firefighters. After almost 30 minutes, the combined efforts of firefighters, police and coast guards, who were monitoring from the sea, brought the body back to Belair beach.

The preliminary investigation revealed no immediate signs of criminal activity. “The forensic services are continuing their examinations to confirm this initial observation,” indicates the KPSM spokesperson. _AF


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