Sint Maarten: Two new armed robberies perpetrated in Cole Bay!


The Sint Maarten police force is currently investigating two armed robberies which took place on the evening of September 25, around 19:40 p.m., still in the Cole Bay area. Did you say worrying?

The events took place within minutes of each other in the immediate vicinity of the intersections of Crossing Well Road and Wellington Road in Cole Bay.

A man was first surprised by two armed, hooded men when he arrived at his home. The criminals took several personal belongings from the tenant of the premises and then fled on a scooter after firing a shot in the air.

Subsequently, a second armed robbery occurred at a supermarket located at the intersection of Well Road and Wellington Road. Two individuals, also dressed in black and armed, burst into the establishment. The amount of damage suffered by the supermarket management was not communicated by the police.

In response to these two armed robberies, several police patrols were quickly sent to the scene to try to arrest the criminals, in vain. _AF


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