SINT MAARTEN / Heineken Regatta: no overflow will be tolerated by local authorities


As the highly anticipated Heineken Regatta begins this weekend, the Sint Maarten Police Force (KPSM) advises the general public to respect the laws and regulations in force during the festivities.

The regatta, a celebrated event that brings locals and visitors together, is often the scene of instances of excessive drinking, drugs and other illegal behavior.

KPSM, in collaboration with the Prosecutor's Office, emphasizes the importance of respecting the law and maintaining public safety throughout the event. “Action will be taken against people who misbehave or commit punishable offences.

The police therefore ask the population to enjoy the regatta responsibly while respecting the laws of Sint Maarten, which is crucial for the safety and well-being of all participants and residents in this event. .

The prosecutor's office has compiled a list of illegal acts that will result in fines from law enforcement. Additionally, KPSM will enforce the “Pay or Stay” policy, as used in the past, to enforce the penalties provided for violators.

Additionally, those attending shows at the Marina on Union Road are asked to take note of traffic changes. These adjustments were made to reduce traffic congestion in the area during the event.  _AF

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