Sint Maarten: The “Open Doors” day organized by the Dutch firefighters may have sparked vocations among the youngest


On Sunday, October 30, Prime Minister Silveria Jacobs, as well as  many civilians attended the “Open Doors” day organized within the fire and rescue service of Sint Maarten.

The men and women of the fire department shared their passion for their work by holding information sessions with other stakeholders, demonstrating the importance of fire safety and prevention. Water activities, a mini obstacle course and fire truck rides for children and their parents were also on the program. The event was a success with over 650 enthusiastic participants.

The ambulance service also participated in the 'Open Day', giving demonstrations of their rescue equipment and techniques. Nagico and Island Cooking Gas, among others, were also present. They set up kiosks and provided information to the public on fire safety.

"I would like to congratulate the firefighters of Sint Maarten who, thanks to their hard work, really gave their best in the activities of the day", underlines Silveria Jacobs, before adding "Although they are few many and face many challenges, they continue to do their job in the best interest of public safety. The manner in which these men and women discharge their duty in order to serve the community is quite commendable”. _AF


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