SINT MAARTEN: Police forces take new precautionary measures as carnival festivities approach


The Sint Maarten Police Force is preparing for the festivities of the 2024 Carnival season. In light of recent events and observations made during the Jump-up on the Causeway Bridge last Saturday, March 16, the KPSM has identified several issues that must be resolved to ensure the safety of all participants and the large public present.

One of the major issues noted during the Causeway Jump-up was the presence of individuals wearing dark masks. This practice not only poses security concerns, but also hampers the identification process for law enforcement. Therefore, police are urging all attendees and partygoers to refrain from wearing masks or other similar facial protection at upcoming events. Measures will be implemented to discourage and effectively deal with this phenomenon.

In light of the security concerns raised by previous events, it has been decided that the Fitness Jump-up procession scheduled for this Friday, March 22, 2024 in the streets of Philipsburg will not pass along Front Street. The move aims to minimize the dangers posed to party-goers and passers-by, ensuring a safer environment for all participants.  _AF

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