SINT MAARTEN: Vehicles parked illegally on the Mullet Bay road will be removed at the owner's expense


Sint Maarten Police are issuing a new warning to motorists regarding illegal parking practices on the Rhine Road in Mullet Bay, particularly in relation to vehicles obstructing traffic towards Mullet Bay Beach.

The Sint Maarten Police (KPSM) will intensify checks along Rhine Road in the coming days. A specialized team will be deployed to monitor the area and remove any vehicles obstructing the flow of traffic.

Owners of illegally parked vehicles will have to bear the costs of removal and the resulting fines.

This warning is particularly relevant as we approach Easter weekend, a time when many people gather at Mullet Bay beach for recreation and camping.

From March 28, 2024 to April 1, 2024, all visitors and campers are reminded to strictly adhere to parking rules and use designated spaces.

Please note: this warning is not issued lightly. Failure to comply with parking rules will result in strong measures, including dissuasive fines. _AF

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