Sint Maarten / Anti-inflation baskets: several supermarkets pinned down by the authorities


Several large supermarkets in the Dutch side were inspected and fined for selling certain household basket products at a price higher than that set by the Minister of Tourism, Economic Affairs, Transport and Telecommunications (TEATT) .

The amounts of the fines range from 250 Naf (127 euros) to a maximum of 86 Naf (10000 euros) indicated the Economic Affairs and Transport Inspectorate (IETA). Over the past week, authorized officers have carried out checks at various supermarkets to check compliance with the latest updated basket of goods, which came into force on October 5113, 74.

“Effective price controls provide a hedge against inflation, ensuring that the cost of essential goods and services remains reasonable and accessible to the public,” reads the IETA statement. “This contributes to social equity and helps prevent excessive financial burdens on the most vulnerable people. Other checks of this type will take place regularly.”


Creation of a website is a new site to inform the population of price developments, regulations and others. The public is welcome to use this platform to view the most up-to-date merchandise basket price list, report violations, and shop based on price comparisons and weekly promotions. _AF


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