SINT MAARTEN: Several police officers injured after a chase with three individuals who robbed a jewelry store


Inspectors from the Special Theft Unit and the KPSM Traffic Department are currently investigating an accident in which three policemen and a female policewoman were lightly injured during a chase with three individuals suspected of being the perpetrators of an armed robbery at a jewelry store on Front Street in Philipsburg.

The facts took place on Saturday May 20 at around 13 p.m. The Sint Maarten police telephone switchboard received several calls about an ongoing robbery at a Front Street jewelry store.

Immediate action was taken and several patrols were dispatched to the scene. Other units remained stationed outside Philipsburg to monitor suspected suspects. According to information provided to the police, three individuals on two scooters entered the jewelry store and, brandishing firearms, began to vandalize the window before seizing numerous pieces of jewelry.

After the theft, the suspects fled on their scooters in the direction of Sucker-Garden. One of the patrols present in the area spotted the suspects, and a chase then began. During the chase, the police patrol was forced to make a U-turn, which resulted in a collision with a vehicle traveling in the opposite direction. The two scooters managed to flee in the direction of Quartier d'Orléans where they crossed the border. An investigation is underway to try to identify and arrest the three individuals. _AF

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