SINT MAARTEN / Illegal parking: be careful, the police will come down hard!


The Sint Maarten Police Force, responsible for ensuring the safety and efficient management of traffic on the island, recognizes the pressing problem of parking violations which continue to persist. Strong measures will be taken quickly.

Despite efforts to resolve this problem, the police force recognizes the need to take further action and obtain the cooperation of the public.

“Some motorists do not respect the highway code and parking rules,” underlines the KPSM spokesperson. Parking on sidewalks obstructs pedestrian pathways, posing safety concerns and inconveniencing visitors and residents passing through Philipsburg and other areas of the island.”

Incidents in the recent past along the Boardwalk have highlighted the detrimental effects of unauthorized parking, with vehicles encroaching on pedestrian areas intended for recreation and relaxation. Likewise, observations made near the Sint Maarten Medical Center (SMMC) reveal the alarming trend of vehicles obstructing emergency access routes and leaving little space for pedestrians, compromising both safety and traffic flow. traffic.

“The consequences of poor parking go beyond simple inconvenience; they endanger the security and well-being of our fellow citizens,” specifies the KPSM. “By failing to respect designated parking spaces and obstructing pedestrian pathways, motorists not only violate the highway code, but also compromise the accessibility and safety of public spaces. One way or another, we are going to act to resolve this problem which poisons the daily lives of residents and tourists passing through the island.”

The number of impounded cars is expected to increase significantly in the coming days. To the wise... _AF

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