SINT MAARTEN: A retaining wall did not withstand heavy rains


A retaining wall on Mount Scenery Road, Weymouth Hill, collapsed on Saturday morning, following hours of sustained rain. Its collapse and resulting landslide damaged two cars, one of which was crushed. Impressive !

No injuries were reported, but the affected road – the only access or exit route for around ten households – was completely blocked. It took the intervention of an excavator on Saturday evening to clear the debris present on this portion of the road.

According to the testimony of many people, the wall in question was already in a deplorable state, a concern known to residents who reported it on several occasions to the infrastructure department of the Ministry of Public Housing, Land Planning, of Environment and Infrastructure (VROMI), since it was built inappropriately, piece by piece, about four years ago. It was also one of the dangers flagged to the government earlier this year, through Community Risk Mapping, which is part of an EU-funded project to help the government prepare for disasters. _AF

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