Sint Maarten: a new Council of Ministers


On Monday, June 25, the new Sint Maarten Council of Ministers led by Prime Minister Leona Romeo-Marlin was invested by Governor Eugene Holiday, marking the start of the new period of government 2018-2022.

Leona Roméo-Marlin, second female prime minister of the Dutch side addressed the nation during the inaugural reception at the seat of government. “The devastation caused by Hurricanes Irma and Maria in 2017 created unimaginable challenges, but it also brought new opportunities for growth and general improvements. These times have given us a unique momentum to unite and rebuild a Sint Maarten that meets the needs of our people, now and for future generations. This opens new doors to restore the situation and take the government apparatus and the country to the next level. she said, as reported in a statement posted on the government website.

He continued: “The coming weeks and months will be crucial for all of us, as we acclimatize to the Governance Program of the Unified Christian Coalition of Sint Maarten 2018-2022, entitled 'Building a Sustainable Sint Maarten'. This master plan reflects the shared vision of the need to urgently rebuild and improve our economic viability and to achieve our political and economic goals in a sustainable manner, in full accordance with the globally adopted Sustainable Development Goals. It describes the role the government must play in reshaping our country and has been signed by every minister and every MP who represents the coalition. It identifies which projects will be given priority and indicates who will play critical roles in carrying out those tasks. ”.

She then presented the new Council of Ministers:

• Leona Romeo Marlin - Prime Minister

• Wycliffe Smith - Deputy Prime Minister and Minister of Education Culture Youth and Sport

• Perry Geerlings - Minister of Finances

• Van Hugh Cornelius of Weever - Justice Ministry

• Emil Lee - Minister of Public Health, Social Development and Labor

•Stuart Johnson - Minister of Tourism, Economic Affairs, Transport and Telecommunications

Miklos Giterson - Minister of Public Housing, Regional Planning, Environment and Infrastructure

jorien white - Minister Plenipotentiary

•Michael Somersall - Deputy Minister Plenipotentiary


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