Sint Maarten: A violent fight breaks out on the sidelines of the parliamentary elections


Since last Thursday, the police have been investigating an incident which took place in front of the Belvédère polling station, marked by the inconsiderate actions of drivers of all-terrain vehicles, which led to a violent fight. 

Last Thursday, January 11, the day of the parliamentary elections in Sint Maarten, shortly after 14 p.m., two quad cross riders demonstrated reckless driving near the Belvédère polling station, endangering both pedestrians and people. voters. The commotion not only jeopardized the safety of people nearby but also disrupted the smooth conduct of the voting process, police said.

A concerned spectator, Nation Opportunity Wealth (NOW) party candidate Jemiro de Weever, alarmed by the perilous situation, tried to intervene, triggering a tense exchange which quickly degenerated into a full-blown fight between the pilots of the two quads and the well-meaning politician. A video of the incident surfaced online, triggering a quick and thorough investigation by inspectors from the Korps Politie Sint Maarten (KPSM).

Police authorities finally managed to apprehend the two individuals involved in the altercation around 17:15 p.m. The suspects having been identified, they will have to face legal consequences proportional to the seriousness of their actions.

KPSM unequivocally condemns such reckless and disruptive behavior, especially in the vicinity of a polling station where citizens were present to exercise their fundamental right to vote in a peaceful and safe environment. _AF


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