Sint Maarten / Armed robberies: three suspects arrested by the police


On Tuesday, October 20, Dutch police captured three individuals visibly involved in two armed robberies committed early in the morning in supermarkets.

It was around 8:50 a.m. that the members of the special unit were warned of the first armed robbery in a supermarket in Sucker Garden. According to witnesses present on the spot, an individual dressed in a blue blanket and in possession of a handgun broke into the store, forcing the person in charge of the premises to give him the contents of the cash register.

The perpetrator then fled in a gray vehicle parked a few meters from the business.

Bis repetita

Less than an hour later, at 9:30 a.m., the police received a new call reporting a second armed robbery at another supermarket on LB Scott Road.

A detailed description corresponding to that of the suspect involved in the first robbery has been provided to investigators.

After having reoffended with the same procedure, the criminal got into the famous gray car described previously in the direction of St. Peters.

Precious information allowed the police to "lodge" the gray car in the Sucker Garden area around 13 pm with three lads inside! The latter were arrested on the spot and transferred to the Philipsburg police station.

An investigation is still ongoing to try to determine the role of each of the three individuals.  _AF


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