Six young people participated in the project "My neighborhood, my project @Sandy Ground" with the GRETA-CFA of Saint-Martin


"My neighborhood, my project @Sandy Ground" is a project deployed by the GRETA-CFA of Saint-Martin/Saint-Barthélemy. It implements the three lines of action of the Educational City in a transversal way.

It thus makes it possible both to reinforce the role of the school in the minds of high school students and the NEET public of Sandy Ground, to promote educational continuity through workshops outside the walls of the school and finally to open the field of possibilities both in the pursuit of studies or training and in the construction of a professional project in line with the individual and personal path of each participant.

At the end of the device, the beneficiary must be able to effectively use the digital means in the service of

their professional integration, to integrate into society in the broad sense and in the school environment, to accept their image, to value themselves in order to improve their well-being, to understand their uniqueness as an individual, to understand the issues of parenthood, to access science, arts, culture and sport through active and practical pedagogy outside the walls, to remobilize at school, to choose a training and/or profession in line with their personal and professional project, to read and write in French, to master the mathematical and computer basics as well as to implement their civic responsibility.

Three workshops were implemented from April 3 to 6 for a total duration of twenty-five hours: Mangez-Bougez/News Magazine/Digital. They took place in the local kitchen of SXM Santé, in the hall of the Mioche Carmont association at Sandy Ground and on the Sandy Ground basketball court.

Were present at the internship: Nola-Elisa Cramer, Yvenet Desulme from Daniella Jeffry Vocational High School, Tyreeya Fleming, Emma Noncent, Phillio Sampson from Robert Weinum High School and Zayana Fleming looking for a job.

The supervisors: Audrey Gravelot, literature-history-geography teacher, Roselyne Coudoux, Ulis coordinator, Kildyne Berthelot, nutritionist dietitian and Amour Laubal, sports educator.



Present as part of the project "My neighborhood, my project @Sandy Ground", Tyreeya F. wrote an article to share her experience during her training course.

“We are five students aged between 15 and 18 living in Sandy Ground who followed a training organized by GRETA from April 3 to 6. The goal was to train and prepare as well as possible for our professional future.

We worked in the form of workshops in French, both orally and in writing, some focused on self-knowledge. Monday was devoted to the presentation of the training and in the afternoon, we met the inhabitants of Sandy Ground to find out what they think of their neighborhood. Then we worked together on a project for young people and their rural activities. We split into two groups, one group in the kitchen and the other in sports, then we reversed the roles.

We have learned to cook healthy and healthy meals. This training allowed me to have a new look at my way of consuming and to better understand my professional project and the different objectives to be achieved”.

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