Six months in prison for sexual exhibition


GH, 62, was tried Wednesday morning by videoconference in immediate appearance by the local court of Saint-Martin. On April 14, he was remanded in custody for showing his sex to his neighbor. Two days later, he was summoned to court but his lawyer had asked for time to prepare his defense and in the meantime, his continued detention had been ordered and he had been transferred to prison in Basse-Terre.

On April 12, at 6 a.m., the victim called the gendarmes because his neighbor, GH, was masturbating at the window. She explains that he opened the curtains, went to the window and "shook his penis which was erect". GH denies the facts and claims that he was urinating. But during their investigations, the gendarmes did not find traces of urine. GH is therefore prosecuted for sexual exhibition. To the judges, GH repeated that he was urinating. “I have a prostate problem and when it comes out, it comes out, I can't control,” he says. The investigation actually shows that the respondent is undergoing treatment.

The defendant was examined by a psychiatrist who noted "mental abnormalities and a certain delay" which would prevent him from distinguishing between urinating and masturbating.

GH's criminal record has 30 records, the first dating back to 1985. “I'm trying to change my life, I'm tired here in prison,” he says. In accordance with prison requisitions, the court handed down a sentence of six months in prison and continued detention. GH will also have to compensate the victim up to 500 euros for the moral damage suffered. (

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