SNSM St Martin: volunteers always mobilized!


Tuesdays in Grand-Case… Braderie de Marigot… Nautical fleas on Saturday mornings… For all these important events on the island, many volunteers from the SNSM of Saint-Martin have mobilized and relayed in order to best represent the association of rescuers at sea.

With a modern store, very well stocked and thanks to the unfailing motivation of the volunteers, the many visitors had no trouble having fun and at the same time providing valuable financial support which helps to maintain the rescue operations of SNSM Saint-Martin.

Many visitors have also supported the association with numerous donations and all have reaffirmed their admiration for the personal investment and interventions, sometimes perilous, for the benefit of people in danger or ships in difficulty.

Moral support that warms the heart to all the rescuers and volunteers participating in the life of the resort of Saint-Martin.

"A big thank you to all the volunteers who got involved during this period and to the many people for their unwavering support", underline the members of the SNSM Saint-Martin.

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