SOCIAL: The State does not plan to take over the management of the RSA in Saint-Martin


The Collectivity had two wishes for the management of active solidarity income (RSA) on its territory: that part of the allowance be imperatively spent on the French part, that the State resume all its funding.

On the first point, the President of the Republic gave his agreement; part of the RSA will be demonetized on the same principle as the emergency aid which had been allocated by the State after Irma. However, the implementation of the reform was delayed, it was to enter into force on July 1.

On the second point, the State has not responded positively, at least for this year at the request of President Daniel Gibbs. In fact, according to the 2020 finance bill, the government plans on January 1, 2020 to recentralize the RSA only in French Guiana and Reunion, two territories which had also requested it.

"In addition to the resumption of the financing of this service, the State takes over the attribution of the right to benefit and several competences, including that of orientation of the beneficiaries, who are delegated by right to the family allowance fund of La Réunion", is he further explained. (


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