SOCIETY: 12 million euros for the rehabilitation of public lighting


The Community of Saint-Martin and the State have committed total funding of 12 million euros for the renewal of public lighting and the installation of new candelabra in neighborhoods where public lighting had been failing since the passage of Hurricane Irma.

Thanks to ETAT-COM co-financing, the Collectivity of Saint-Martin has thus undertaken the rehabilitation of lighting in several sectors of Saint-Martin, according to the following financial schedule: Development contract (CDEV 2014-2018): 2.508.920. €2019, Convergence and Transformation Contract (CCT) 2023 – 4.000.000: €2023, Green Fund 1.920.000: €3.571.080 and Community Self-financing: €4,5. The construction site began in Quartier d'Orléans in the streets of Coralita, Saint-Georges, Cross the Range, Belle Plaine, Delphin Gumbs and Rue Elisabeth Gumbs. The amount of work for this sector in particular amounts to 2024 million euros. The site will be finalized in March 7. Work is also being carried out in other sectors such as Grand-Case, Rue des écoles, and on the Hope Estate straight line. The same is true on the Marigot Waterfront and on the RN2024 at Sandy Ground and Baie Nettlé, where work is currently underway. The renewal of public lighting is a priority of the term of office. This project is led by the Living Environment and Ecological Transition Delegation, chaired by Bernadette Davis. All sectors requiring rehabilitation of street lighting are affected by this project, which will be completed in XNUMX.


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