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This Tuesday, October 11, a morning of discussions took place at the office of the prefecture between the local construction companies and the officials of the State and the Collectivity in order to create an observatory of public order in Saint-Martin.

Vincent Berton, delegate prefect of the Northern Islands, spoke to us during the Job Dating BTP last September about his desire to set up an observatory which would be a place for exchanges and debates between public buyers (State, Community, hospital, airport, port, social landlords, etc.) which will award large public contracts in the years to come and the Saint-Martin companies which are called upon to respond to these contracts. At the beginning of August, the construction association of Saint-Martin expressed its frustrations with the public contracts often allocated to foreign companies which have the material, financial and human capacities to respond to macro-lots, unlike the allotment which consists dividing a public contract into lots (electricity, carpentry, or by district) which are autonomous units, it promotes access to public procurement for SMEs and therefore competition between companies. Each lot, resulting from this splitting, corresponds to a distinct market subject to a separate market and is thus opposed to the single market (macro-lot). Indeed, as Louis Mussington, president of the Collectivité, explains: "After Irma, it was deemed necessary and useful to create macro-lots instead of allotment, we must return to this principle which is in the public procurement code, I ask that the contracting authorities take this fact into consideration. The allotment allows as many people as possible to participate in and respond to public contracts launched by the various principals in the territory. For Vincent Berton, it is important that a general mobilization on the public order on the part of the officials is stimulated by opening the dialogue with the local companies, to listen to their grievances and to put in place actions to better equip, administratively, financially and humanly. It starts with the training of young people in the construction trades according to the Prefect: "we do not have the training offer that allows us to answer the question of manpower for companies when the budget exists to develop it. this. There is a balance between the public money available and the supply of training. » An emergency meeting will be scheduled in the coming days between Pôle Emploi and the officials of the State and the COM towards a strategy to launch targeted training actions in the construction industry. Another important point that emerges from this first meeting between construction professionals and officials: the public commitment of the latter to publish on their respective sites the calendar of future public contracts. In this way, local businesses will be able to anticipate and better prepare to respond to the markets, by grouping together for example. _VX

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