SOCIETY: Inauguration of two boarding houses on the territory


This Tuesday, May 2, the boarding houses of Quartier d'Orléans and Friar's Bay managed by the association ALEFPA – Le Manteau were inaugurated in the presence of officials including Michel Caron, president of ALEFPA visiting the territory.

The boarding house is intended to accommodate people with low resources, in a situation of isolation or severe exclusion, and whose social and psychological or even psychiatric situation makes it impossible in the foreseeable future for them to have access to a ordinary accommodation. Step to land in a warm independent accommodation to (re)learn to live or cohabit, the boarding houses combine private accommodation and common areas as well as support from a house manager and volunteers in order to create a reassuring and welcoming environment. offer chances for sustainable reintegration. The ALEFPA – Le Manteau de Saint-Martin association, represented by President Audrey Gil and her team, invited the press and officials, including Vincent Berton, delegate prefect of the Northern Islands, and representatives of partner associations, to inaugurate two boarding houses now active in the territory and financed almost exclusively by the State. In the presence of Michel Caron, president of ALEFPA, which has 4000 employees, the guests first visited the premises of the family boarding house in Quartier d'Orléans equipped with a studio, a T1, a T2 and an administrative office. Seven people occupy these accommodations, which have been open since September 2021, with the aim of being at home but not alone. In Friar's Bay, the boarding house at Plénitude was opened in May 2022 with a capacity of six studios and a house for activities. For Michel Caron, “we bring together the conditions for success to decline in the field of public policies and in particular social policies when 15 to 20% of the population is qualified as vulnerable. Saint-Martin deserves it”. Vincent Berton said he was very happy that the State relies on trusted partners like ALEFPA and cut ribbons that symbolize the realization of projects. The two men did not fail to congratulate the commitment of local actors. The next boarding house will soon open in Colombiers. _VX

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