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On Sunday March 17, 2024, the 2nd  edition of National Home Help Day. This initiative, established at the end of 2022 by the Ministry of Solidarity and Health, aims to pay tribute to the dedication and importance of home help professionals in our daily lives.

At the heart of this day is recognition of the vital role that these professionals play with our most vulnerable fellow citizens. They are the pillars of an essential support system for many people in vulnerable situations. Their presence and commitment directly contribute to maintaining the dignity, safety and well-being of individuals in their homes. National Home Help Day has a dual mission: to pay tribute to the exceptional work accomplished by these committed professionals, but also to raise awareness among the general public of the vital importance of these often little-known, but essential, professions.

The missions of home help

Home help plays a vital role in the daily lives of many people in fragile or dependent situations. Indeed, these professionals carry out a multitude of fundamental tasks, such as helping with washing, dressing and eating meals for the elderly or people with disabilities. They also manage shopping, maintain the cleanliness of the home, as well as prepare meals according to the specific needs of each individual. In addition, they offer valuable moral and emotional support, by providing a caring presence and promoting the maintenance of social ties. In short, home helpers are essential links in our society, offering personalized support and optimal quality of life to those they assist.

In Saint-Martin, the CASEDOM îdn company wanted to pay tribute to all the home helpers who work to support the elderly or people with disabilities as well as all people who need help to stay at home. The opportunity for Lovely Thomas, head of department at CASEDOM îdn, to congratulate Valérie Félix, Carline Gourdet and Marlène Jean Charles on obtaining their professional baccalaureate diploma in care and personal services. CASEDOM îdn also thanks Greta for supporting them in their validation of acquired experience (VAE). _AF


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