COMPANY: An Erasmus program specific to Overseas?


Erasmus, an exchange program for students and teachers between universities, European Grandes Écoles and educational establishments, is very popular with young people in metropolitan France who can thus gain experience abroad. Those located overseas have less access due to their remoteness.

In order to allow these latter to have this opportunity more easily, the Guadeloupean deputy Hélène Vainqueur-Christophe presented at the end of May during the Social Affairs Committee during the examination of the Professional Future Law, an amendment aimed at promoting exchange and the social integration of young people in neighboring countries.

"In the logic of economic development which aims to strengthen exchanges with neighboring territories, in the ocean basin, it seems advisable to seek mobility for apprentices in companies located in the same perimeter," says Jean Arthuis who made a report in January on Erasmus to the Minister of Labor.

Muriel Pénicaud did not oppose the principle but she considers that Erasmus cannot be duplicated in the various ocean basins overseas so easily. "We must find a legal framework to protect the young person who leaves, we must make sure that the country where he is going protects him and gives him a status", conceives the one who wants to work in this direction.


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