SOCIETY: Towards a social and solidarity economy in Saint-Martin


Under the aegis of 1er vice-president of the Community, Alain Richardson, a seminar was organized at the Grand Case Beach Club last week in order to structure the sustainable implementation of the social and solidarity economy (ESS) in Saint-Martin.

In the presence of Ben Amar Zeghadi, ESS France national delegate to the Overseas Territories and the main actors and partners of the territory, this first seminar led by the project manager Frantz Acramel collectively addressed the theme of the social and solidarity economy (ESS). With the aim of structuring the approach in the territory with a view to the upcoming creation of the future Territorial Chamber of the Social and Solidarity Economy (CTESS) of Saint-Martin, the seminar took place over one day through a general presentation and thematic reflection workshops.

In ESS companies (foundations, mutual societies, associations, commercial companies), members join forces, cooperate and pool their resources to put social utility and democracy at the service of the economy. They all place people at the heart of their project. 12% of the world's population is a member of one of the 3M ESS cooperatives spread across the planet. In Europe, the ESS employs nearly 14M people who contribute significantly to the economy. The movement is accelerating since in 2016, one in four European companies created is an ESS company (10% of European GDP). Today, there are 18 regional or territorial chambers within ESS France. In mainland France, one in 10 private companies is in the ESS with more than 2 million employees.

This shows the place of the ESS in the creation of wealth... Overseas, 4.928 ESS companies generate more than 52.000 jobs (16% of private employment compared to 14% in France) and nearly 1,4 billion euros in gross payroll per year (64 in France). The overseas territories are also good students in terms of gender equality: 58% of ESS management positions are occupied by women. Building on an agreement signed in September 2023 with ESS France, the Collectivity intends to rely on the expertise and know-how of the structure: “Our insularity gives us a greater sense of humanity, we cannot being on a very small island without the value of solidarity being present" declared Alain Richardson, recalling the importance of developing the ESS, of uniting local actors around a common social and solidarity project in accordance with the strategy of economic development driven by the COM. For Ben Amar Zeghadi, Saint-Martin carries a more important idea, the law of the social and solidarity economy not applying here as of right unlike other DROMs, the territory makes the deliberate choice of 'to integrate. The seminar continued with the partners present in order to establish a roadmap towards the creation of a CTESS in line with everyone's vision on the deployment of the social and solidarity economy in Saint-Martin. _VX



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