SOLIDARITY – ANIMAL CAUSE: Fourth edition of Yoga Karma Animals this Saturday, October 8 at the BO


After three editions which have brought more and more people, the SXM Animal Collective continues its momentum to associate well-being and animal cause with the fourth edition of Yoga Karma Animals this Saturday afternoon. 

The yoga session on the beach of Orient Bay will therefore begin, as usual, at 17:15 p.m., between Coco Beach and the KKÔ Beach Club. The opportunity is perfect to relax and wash away the stress of the week while joining the beautiful and just cause that the SXM Animals Collective defends. The collaboration between the association and Tania de Vitalita also makes it possible to raise funds so that the collective can continue its work of raising awareness, protecting and caring for animals in the area in need, and there are still many of them. Several dogs were recently taken to France to be adopted by French families. The care, administrative and travel costs are fully paid by the SXM Animal Collective and the participants in each karma yoga session contribute in their own way to the rescue of these animals who are now living their best life with their new family. To experience this moment of relaxation and sharing, all you need is a beach towel and a bottle of water. The session takes place both in French and in English, everyone is welcome (including children) and the price of access is on free donation, according to the means and the desires of each one. Donations in kind are also and obviously allowed, namely bags of kibble and games, whether for dogs or cats because the SXM Animal Collective takes care of both. For those who wish to get involved a little more in the animal cause by becoming, for example, a host family or an escort if a trip to Paris is looming soon, do not hesitate to come and meet the representatives of the association to discuss with them this Saturday, October 8 at 17:15 p.m. on the beach of Orient Bay, with the key, an hour of well-being and the sound of the waves as background music. _VX

Info: +33 7 85 69 75 32

Facebook: SXM Animal Collective


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