Soualigan Fatherhood: dads in the spotlight


The official launch evening of this new association chaired by Grégoire Dumel took place on June 15 in the presence of Louis Mussington, president of the Community.

Made up of around twenty active members, the Soualigan Fatherhood association counts Teddy Derby as vice-president, Roméo Piper as secretary and Vitalien Glasgow as treasurer. During the ceremony, Grégoire Dumel highlighted the importance of fathers as mentors, guides and sources of support. Whether biological, stepfathers, grandfathers, or father figures, fathers all share a dedication to the well-being and growth of children. The association's objectives include creating stability for children often affected by separation, divorce or parental absence. Members aim to be father figures, invest time with children through cultural and sporting events, and organize various events (barbecues, dinner dances, seminars and boat trips). The association also sets specific goals: creating Saint-Martin pride, promoting financial stability, ensuring cultural transmission from generation to generation and creating exceptional memories. A call is launched to all dads interested in joining the association. _VX

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