Pyrotechnic shows / These technicians who light up the sky in technicolor!


To end the year in style, the fireworks are fired to celebrate the transition to the new year. Young and old are captivated by these aerial paintings of multiple colors and shapes.  

But who shoots these fireworks? Here is an opportunity to discover a little known profession: fireworks!

The pyrotechnician is a pyrotechnician who uses dangerous materials containing black powder, flash powder and firing systems: rockets, mortars, compacts, candles for shooting; the dangerousness of these products implies that the pyrotechnician follow draconian rules. The pyrotechnic technician must therefore redouble his vigilance and perfectly master the equipment he uses. The pyrotechnician often needs several days of preparation to equip the site planned for a fireworks display. It must take into account the various regulations put in place for the safety of the public and the environment; he must also determine, according to the winds and the weather, the most favorable times for launches. Finally, for the show to be beautiful, the fireworks must demonstrate a certain artistic sense.

Artificer training takes place during internships lasting a few days provided by companies that design fireworks; at the end of this training, the K4 certificate to be validated in the prefecture will be obtained.

The fireworks profession is most often a seasonal activity with staggered and irregular working hours, the salary is measured according to the service provided and according to whether the technician works on his own account or is an employee of a company organizing fire fires. fireworks; he can earn between 180 and 240 euros per day of show, a little more depending on his reputation.

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