HEALTH SPORT / Senior Games of Saint-Martin: registrations are open!


As part of the Paris 2024 Olympic Games, the Saint Martin Santé Maison Sport santé des Îles de Nord association is organizing two mornings of physical and sporting activities for seniors on June 7 and 8.

Because there is no age to love sport and practice it on a daily basis, Saint Martin Santé Maison Sport santé des Îles de Nord and its partners, the regional academic delegation for youth, commitment and sport (DRAJES) and the territorial Olympic and sports committee of the Northern Islands (CTOS), will put the spotlight on seniors, health and the Olympic Games over two mornings which promise to be competitive and friendly. During this sporting event, there will be four events: 4x100m relay, shot put, sea swimming and a quiz on the history of the Olympic Games. To participate in this unique experience, you will need to form a team of 4 people and provide a medical certificate of no contraindication to sports practice. Allow €5 per person aged 60 or over. Once the senior team is formed, the 4 members will participate in training free of charge in order to prepare for the sporting events thanks to the local sports associations which have chosen to be partners in the initiative. Training will take place in May, one session per week. The Tous à l'Ô association will be responsible for training young athletes for the swimming event. For the 4x100m relay race, the preparation phase was entrusted to Intergénération Runners and Saint-Martin Extreme Runners. The shot put will be mastered by future competitors thanks to the collaboration of the Speedy Plus association. As for the general knowledge quiz on the history of the Olympic Games, seniors will have to revise together in order to be knowledgeable on the subject which will be very present during the months of May and June. The two mornings of June 7 and 8 will also be an opportunity for participants to win prizes and regain strength with snacks offered by the organizing team. Don't wait to register (see info or via the QR code), the Senior Games of Saint-Martin promise to be full of emotions! _VX

Info and registrations: 06 90 66 33 57 – 05 90 70 43 90

Facebook: Saint Martin Health


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