Sports: Installation of the "Wall of Fame" at the JL Vanterpool stadium in Marigot


The creation of a wall of celebrities from the world of sport, called “Wall of Fame”, became reality on Friday, September 17, at the entrance to the Jean-Louis Vanterpool stadium in Marigot.

60 portraits will gradually find their place on the wall of the stadium and will thus be visible from rue de Spring-Concordia. These personalities from the sports world of Saint-Martin were selected in consultation with the sports associations in the area. The first ten portraits were installed last Friday in the presence of families and elected officials of the Collectivity.

The Collectivity of Saint-Martin, through its Youth and Sport department, has been supporting this project since 2018. The vagaries of recent months have delayed the deadline, but it is with undisguised pleasure that President Daniel Gibbs, the first vice-president, Valérie Damaseau and the president of the sports commission Jean-Raymond Benjamin, unveiled the first ten portraits in the presence of the families of the athletes.

The Wall of Fame was created with the aim of paying tribute to personalities who have contributed to the development of sport in Saint-Martin as a sportsman, high-level athlete, coach or club leader.

If 10 personalities were selected for this first display, the Wall of Fame of Saint-Martin will eventually host 60 portraits. A QR Code will provide access to the biographies of the athletes represented on the Wall of Fame, a way of offering young generations and newcomers the opportunity to discover the history of Saint-Martin sport and the unique career of these athletes. renowned on our island.

These artistic portraits were made by the young Saint-Martin Brandon Guion-Firmin, 24 years old, graduated in computer graphics, web design and 2D / 3D animation. Illustrator since 2015, he has focused on the photographs of our athletes to give life to artistic creations that are larger than life.


You will be able to discover the portraits of:

Amélie REED Volleyball

Born May 28, 1946 in Saint-Martin

Former player and coach

Founder of the 1st Saint-Martin Volleyball Committee in 1979

Founder of the 1st Saint-Martin club "Savana Youth"

Romero Leopold HYMAN Tae Kwon Do

Born January 01, 1953 in Saint-Martin

8th Dan Black Belt - Holds the title of Grand Master

Founder of the Saint-Martin Tae Kwon Do Center in 1978

Louis Joseph HAMLETFootball

Born September 18, 1939 in Saint-Martin

Former player and coach from 1956 to 1980

1st coach of the Saint-Martin selection in 1959

Mario FLANDERS Soccer

Born September 07, 1949 in Aruba

Former professional footballer in the United States from 1974 to 1983

One of the founders of the "Junior Stars" club

Founder and Honorary President of the Saint-Martin Vétérans Club

Florencia HUNT Athletics 400m - 800m - 1500m

Born May 14, 1978 in Saint-Martin

Participation in the Olympic Games in Sydney (Australia) in the year 2000 on the 800m

Former athlete of the France team

Dutch Antilles 400m - 800m - 1500m record holder

Patrick GREA Rugby

Born February 20, 1961 in Toulouse - Died February 17, 2020 in Saint-Martin

Former player and educator of the "Archiball Rugby de Saint-Martin" club

Founding president of the “Saint-Martin Rugby Union” club in 2013

Silvère DULORME Cycling

Born November 08, 1959 in Saint-Martin, died January 01, 2000 in Saint-Martin

1st cyclist from Saint-Martin selected in the selection of Guadeloupe

Road champion in Puerto Rico in 1985

Road champion in Guadeloupe in 1986

JCF Cycling Grand Prix winner

Hector RICHARDSONFootball

Born November 22, 1950 in Saint-Martin

Founder of Saint-Martin Vétéran Football Club in 1990

One of the founders of the Junior Stars club in 1965

Former player captain of the Saint-Martin selection

Lucien GAMIETTE Bodybuilding

Born November 21, 1968 in Saint-Martin

1st bodybuilder in Saint-Martin

Triple champion in the "Lightweight" category

Undefeated athlete from 2010 to 2016 in the "Saint Martin Annual Inter Island Championship"

Joseph GUMBS Football

Born September 09, 1954 in Saint-Martin

Titled best goalkeeper!

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