St Maarten: New arrest in corruption case



At the request of the anti-corruption brigade, the Fiscal Intelligence and Investigation Service (FIOD) arrested Tuesday, August 23, in Rotterdam of RM, a man suspected of being involved in a corruption case in Sint Maarten. He was placed in pre-trial detention. 

This arrest is part of the Larimar case, a case of corruption and money laundering in the construction sector in Sint Maarten. RM, one of the main protagonists, is suspected of having received several million dollars from construction companies on offshore accounts and of distributing part of it to local politicians. He would have made a profit of $ 5 million.

With the cooperation of the authorities of Sint Maarten, Saint Martin, the Netherlands and Spain, RM property has been seized and investigations are under way in these countries. In the same Larimar case, the director of Windward Roads (Dutch public works company) was arrested and heard by local authorities last February. (Illustrative photo) (Source:


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