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Abusive parking on the Marigot Sea Front or elsewhere is prohibited by the highway code which provides for a fine or impoundment of the vehicle. Spread the word !

The so-called tourist market of Marigot is a place on the Sea Front where almost every day of the week, traders sell various objects on the market place. In fact, it is an open place where traders unpack every morning and repack their goods every night. They are qualified as non-sedentary or itinerant traders because they work on the public highway.

They must however pay a fee to the Collectivity. It is 62,50 or 125 euros in low season and 93,75 euros or 187,50 euros in high season depending on the location. In theory, traders should not leave their goods behind. If in Marigot, they actually put away their belongings and desert the market, they leave them at night in their van parked a few meters away.

When the blue zone was launched, the XNUMX or so owners of vans had been asked to leave the regulated parking spaces; the vehicles were then parked behind, closer to the sea. Since Irma's passage, this location having been affected, the vans were once again moved. They are almost all now parked at the Amandiers roundabout on the sea side. Some are registered, others are not.

Put an end to abusive parking ...

These vans are considered suction cup cars because they have been parked in the same location for more than seven days. This is improper parking. However, according to the highway code "it is prohibited to improperly leave a vehicle parked on a road". The agents of the territorial police can ask to "put an end to the abusive parking" and if "the driver or the holder of the registration certificate is absent or refuses, the immobilization and the impoundment can be prescribed". A second class fine (35 euros) can also be given.

Few actions have been taken to avoid this excessive parking as well as to find a solution allowing itinerant traders to be able to park during the day.

Recently, a merchant was refused authorization to occupy the lane by the executive council (on the advice of the Commission for Economic, Tourist and Rural Affairs) because he "participated in the proliferation of suction-cup cars".

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