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At the end of the presentation of the INSEE report on their comparative survey of consumer prices in the territory of Saint-Martin compared to mainland France detailed in our previous edition, Alain Richardson and Jean-Baptiste Herbet signed an agreement cooperation framework.

The National Institute of Statistics and Economic Studies, represented by its  interregional director Antilles Guyana Jean-Baptiste Herbet, and the Territorial Institute of Statistics and Economic Studies of Saint-Martin, represented by its president Alain Richardson, took advantage of the unprecedented presentation of the spatial comparison of prices for 2022 in Saint-Martin. Martin to sign a framework cooperation agreement for a period of three years. As a reminder, as part of its development strategy and conduct of its public policies, the Collectivity of Saint-Martin created by deliberation of the territorial council of March 21, 2023 the Territorial Institute of Statistics and Economic Studies of Saint-Martin. Martin. The latter will develop statistical studies and analysis and visualization tools, particularly for monitoring the Community's public policies. The missions of the ITSEE are to promote the circulation of data within the administration, to encourage the opening of data, to facilitate the interoperability of ITSEE data and to develop data analysis programs. . INSEE's intervention through this agreement will be carried out in the following areas: methodological support and technical advice for updating and enriching observation tools, training of ITSEE staff , information sessions for elected officials and ITSEE agents as well as the carrying out of studies in partnership with the ITSEE. For President Alain Richardson, this first survey is a first step towards the collection of economic data. It marks the strong desire of the Community and its statistics institute to go further in field surveys in order to adjust public policies to the realities of the territory by taking into account tourist attendance, the population census and the evolution of the territory. The management of ITSEE Saint-Martin was officially entrusted to Philippe Winnicki with Ida Zin Ka Ieu as vice-president. _VX

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