STREETART / ECO-RESPONSIBLE: New eco-friendly fresco at Soualiga college


Sensitive to the issue of environmental protection and eager to educate their young classmates, the eco-delegates of the College of Soualiga at the Cité Scolaire Robert Weinum, in close collaboration with the staff of the colleague and the officials of the National Nature Reserve of Saint-Martin called on the Wall Art St Martin collective to produce a painting fresco whose theme is focused on the preservation of marine flora and fauna.

The eco-delegates are college students elected by their class who tackle the ecological issue (food waste, selective sorting, biodiversity, waste collection) and carry out actions within their establishment to make other students aware of the actions respectful to our planet. The theme chosen here is the preservation of marine flora and fauna which is highlighted… and in color. It is from now on in the entrance of the college that one can admire this artistic piece signed Lily Hinckfoot @lilysnotanartist and @ayoarq, work of which the marriage of the colors and the delicacy of the lines immerse you instantly in the aquatic environment sublimely reproduced on the school wall. The message is as clear as it is strong: “Let's protect our environment, let's start today, let's continue tomorrow”. Let us salute this initiative which is still a great way to honor the talents of Saint-Martin to serve a cause more important than ever. _VX

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