Surf / A 5th place for Camille-Elena Lavocat in Peru


Maui and sons PRO JUNIOR WSL

Left for Lima in Peru on July 11, Camille, accompanied by her mother, had to adapt to the rather harsh weather conditions this season at the San Bartolo spot in Peru. 

Water at only 16 ° C which required full wetsuit surfing for a short training session the first 5 days on site.

Adapting to the cold always requires a certain time of adaptation, especially for the Antilleans…

The watergirls from Saint-Martin thus qualified for the quarter-finals of this Pro Junior competition where she met in "men on men" (one against one) the reigning 1-year-old champion of Peru. The law of the draw which set the bar very high for the 4-year-old Saint-Martinoise and the only European representative in this competition.

"I trained a lot throughout the week," says Camille. "I was cold but the spot was quite nice even if we didn't have the waves expected! I like big waves. I felt that I had the level to reach at least the 1/2 final, but I fell against the champion of Peru. She was stronger than me, that's all! Fortunately, this is his last year in Junior!

“I received many encouragements from the staff on my surfing style and my commitment to the wave! I still have time to climb the stages and focus on the next competition before the French championships. Thank you to all those who support me on Saint-Martin and in Metropolitan France ”._AF

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