Tamillia Chance will soon release their first single!


"It's a dream come true" says
Tamillia. Habituated so far on occasions, the young artist from Saint-Martin has come a long way since the finale of The Voice Kids in 2016. 

She is about to release her first single. "It's a pop song called 'Do me' which talks about remaining yourself despite the comments of others," says Tamillia.

She wrote the lyrics with her stepfather, the singer of Soca de Sint Maarten King Vers. Producer Steve Newton and Ren-hook, who notably collaborated with Jenifer, composed the music.

Tamillia has already recorded the single in the studio in Paris and shot the clip in Saint-Martin with the black Case production box. It should be released on all download platforms by the end of the year.

Since then, she returned to France in October to record an album whose profits will be donated to the Telethon with children from The Voice and other TV hooks. Tamillia and the others will sing the titles of this album on stage on November 16 in Montpellier, on the occasion of the Telethon.

She plans to release other singles but in the meantime, she feeds her YouTube page by taking up the songs of her idols in clips like Ocean Eyes and Belly Ache by Billie Eilish, shot in Saint-Martin then in Buttes Chaumont. She also posted a video last year in November that was due out for the start of the school year. In this clip filmed in June 2017, she resumes with her late comrades the Soualiga college, the title bouyon of the Tolly Boyz who have also lent themselves to the game. She modified the lyrics to offer a much softer version. "I have had a lot of feedback from people in France who do not know the canyon and have told me that it makes them want to dance" reports Tamillia.

(More details on www.soualigapost.com)

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