TENNIS: Beautiful winners among young people!


Maxime Béchu Challenge

The Maxime Bechu Challenge organized by the TCISM therefore ended last Sunday with an intense day with the tournament of "RED" (7/8 years), "GREEN" (9/10 years) and the finals of 11/14 boys, 15/18 girls and 15/18 boys. 

No less than 60 matches with fast game formats for the smallest age categories took place during this last friendly day which would undoubtedly have pleased Maxime who liked to spend a lot of time at the club with his friends on or off short ones.

In terms of results, St-Barth generally dominated the day with in particular the victories of Paul Colin (classified 15) and Killian Halgand (15/4) of the SBTC in the categories 15/18 years and 11/14 years boys,

But note for the club, the beautiful performances of Ugo Lemoine (15/2) who beat Jonathan Da Silva (15/1) of ASCCO to climb into the final of 15/18 years, the place of finalist for Gershom Charles (30/1) in 11/14 years, the victory of Madlie Listoir against Camille Robec, both of the club, in the final of the 15/18 girls, the places of the semi final for Nolan Kreiss and Pierre De Pompignan in RED boys , the 1/2 final places for Ianoda Labylle and Danerick Bosqui in GREEN boys and the beautiful finalist place for Marylou Lebrun in RED girls.

Alexandre would like to thank Morgan and Jean-Louis for the little ones, Abdel for the transport / accommodation logistics, Faten for his help in each tournament, Charles and Gilles for the refereeing, Hervé for the poster, Amandine and Vincent the coaches of St-Barth, Francette for the meals, Carole and Anthony for the cups, the Sportech store for the sponsorship, the families who helped with accommodation and transport and finally Valérie and Olivier Bechu for their generosity. _AF


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