Mary-Clair is a woman who has “wandered around” a lot as she says before settling in St-Martin 25 years ago. Sporty and competitive at heart, she discovered tennis at 40 in Morocco and it became a passion. She does not stop playing and progressing and reaches a classification of 15/3. Mary-Clair represents Saint-Martin almost every year at the French championships at Roland-Garros (14 participations). She participated in the world championships in 2015 in Croatia thanks to a sponsor and would like to represent Saint Martin this year at the ITF super-senior world championships at LAKE NONA in FLORIDA in October (she is currently 32nd worldwide in +75).

However: his income cannot assure him the cost of the plane ticket and accommodation. So for those who want to give him this opportunity at 76 to represent Saint Martin in Florida, Faxinfo has decided to donate 20% of your expenses to classified ads until its budget is reached. So if you have something to sell soon, mention "I want to help Mary-Clair" when you post your ad in Faxinfo. Thank you for your support and congratulations Mary-Clair for your determination. _AH

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  1. THOMAS Pierre October 14, 2018 at 16:36 pm Reply

    am, exile> against my will in Rep. Dom. … .And will need ALL the trade corps to refurbish my Marines1 apartment in Nettle Bay from January 2019. Thank you for making yourself known

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