THEATER: "Thank you for leaving a message", a successful stage baptism


It was sold out last Saturday that the first performance of the new play "Thank you for leaving a message" presented by the company of the Stateless was held.

The public did not fail to express their pleasure by applauding him at length at the end of the show. For more than an hour, he will have laughed, and heartily. This adaptation of "I really like what you do" by Carole Greep, tells of the confrontation of two couples of friends undermined by the unspoken. Everything collapsed when Carole (Virginie Contiès) and Olivier (Erwan Trotel), recently settled in the countryside, listened to a voice message inadvertently left on their answering machine by Nathalie (Marina Cohen) and Samuel (Kamel Fenzi) on their way to their to visit. The reunion promises to be explosive. The critics fuse and the tone is acerbic, the public jubilant. If the humor is reminiscent of that of Big Heads, the interpretation of the actors is at the height of the caricatural characters, special mention to the artistic intelligence of Marina Cohen to embody the brainless bimbo. Note also the subtlety of Audrey Duputié who signs the staging, she still manages to appropriate a work without distorting it. The bar was nevertheless high, the original play is one of the greatest successes of French theater of the last 50 years. Behind the laughter, this vaudeville hides a deeper questioning of the fundamental values ​​of friendship, the consequences of the wear and tear of time and social differences. So, should we tell each other everything with friends?

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