TOURISM: Still fewer tourists staying but as many cruise passengers compared to before Irma


According to data from the government of Sint Maarten, the island welcomed 241 tourists staying between January and September this year. This is 590 less than in 139 at the same time (-373%) knowing that the month of September had been impacted by Irma. However, it is 2017% less compared to 36,6.

Cruise tourism has returned to its pre-Irma pace in terms of passengers with 1 passengers welcomed during the first nine months of the year, i.e. - 171% compared to 833 or - 3% compared to 2017 time. The number of liners having docked, on the other hand, fell sharply: 1 at the end of September 2016 against 389 at the same time in 2019. Note, however, that 419 already saw a drop of 2016 ships in the first nine months of the year. (


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