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As part of its annual monitoring of the nesting season of sea turtles in Saint Martin, the National Nature Reserve coordinates patrols carried out by ecovolunteers on a dozen beaches on our island.

This sixty people trained and volunteers contribute each year to feed a scientific database valued at local level (knowledge, awareness, management of egg-laying sites), regional, national and international, with the aim of contributing to and improving conservation sea ​​turtles frequenting our waters.

This action is not limited to the preservation of a handful of emblematic species of the marine environment; it also contributes to preserving our local economy, a large number of our visitors being eager to have the opportunity to observe these magic animals.

To perpetuate our action, we seek each year new ecovolunteers who can contribute a few hours of their time during the laying season (March to November), eager to learn more about these animals and to have the opportunity to observe a key stage in the life of these mysterious species.

To do so, we are organizing an information campaign via our Facebook wall, as well as hosting thematic evenings on the theme of sea turtles.

The next evening of this kind will take place on Tuesday 23 May, from 18 p.m., at the Calypso restaurant, on the Anse Marcel Marina.

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